International Museum of Humour in Art

Foto by Stefano Leoperdi
Established in 1970 as Museum of Caricature it was inaugurated by Luigi Mari, a doctor, an artist and, for some time, also a local mayor. Later renamed International Museum of Humour in Art it is the only cultural institution of this kind in Italy and one of the few in the world, and it is recognized today as a fundamental reference point for artists, cartoonists, critics and enthusiasts alike. In 1961 Luigi Mari organized and directed the First Biennial of Caricature - which turned out to be such a successful international contest to be soon trasnformed into Biennial of Humour in Art made accessible to foreign contestants with an escalating entry from all over the world. The idea of establishing a museum dates from before the first Biennial - 1961 and ever since the winning entries have statutorily become property of the Organizing Committee so as to be incorporated in the future museum. However, the museum also collects worsk spontaneously contributed by some contestans and exhibitors as well as several original drawings by prominent artists donated by Enrico Gianieri a.k.a. Gec. 
The museum has an amazing artistic and historic heritage that broadens years after year thanks to donations and purchases of works and it is currently made up of over four thousand original works, including drawings, paintings, sculptures, prints and engravings. Just to mention a few of thw most celebrated cartoons of the nineteenth and twentieht centuries on display at the Museum are those by Gabriele Galantara "Ratalanga", Marcello Dudovich, Filiberto Scarpelli, Giuseppe Scalarini, Mino Maccari, Giochino Colizzi "Attalo", Giuseppe Zanini "Nino Za", Leo Longansi, Augusto Mahani "Nascia", Federico Fellini, Paolo Garretto, Altan, Giorgio Forattini, Mordillo, Jean-Michael Folon, Jean-Jacque Sempé and Roland Topor. 



Il Museo Internazionale dell'Umorismo nell'Arte partecipa all'evento inaugurale della rinascita del Politeama con la mostra "Cinema in caricatura".
Compagnia della Rancia 1983-2013: trent’anni di spettacoli
Grazie alla collaborazione con il Comune di Tolentino, nell’ambito della XXVII edizione della Biennale Internazionale dell’Umorismo nell’Arte, nel salone del secondo piano del Castello della Rancia (da cui prende il nome la Compagnia), l’11 luglio del 2013 veniva inaugurata la mostra “Compagnia della Rancia 1983-2013: trent’anni di spettacoli” organizzata dal Centro Teatrale Sangallo (la scuola di teatro fondata e diretta da Saverio Marconi nel 1980 a Tolentino, da cui è nata la Compagnia della Rancia nel 1983).